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Free Demo for CFA|FRM on 13 th Nov.

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Classroom Batch for CFA | FRM | 16 from 13 th Nov. 2021 @ Gurgaon .Delhi

Free Demo for CFA|FRM on 13 th Nov.

By submitting details, you are authorising us to call you even though you may be registered under DNC.

Online Batch for CFA | FRM | 16 from 13 th Nov. 2021Gurgaon Delhi

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Concepts nClarity

The institute's approach to coaching is different - I can't actually define it but it is proactive but realistic . Overall, a very good strategy."


I wish all the best to all CFA/FRM aspirants and suggest them to go through this coaching class in case the basics are not clear."


I cannot thank the institute enough for my strong performance in FRM Part - 1 as well as FRM Part 2 . I need to make a special mention of Amit sir; he is the most patient and involved teacher that I have come across in a long while. He has a strong hold on the subject matter and hence inspires a lot of confidence amongst his students. Unlike its bigger competitors, ConceptsnClarity does not believe in holding marathon classroom sessions just to finish off the syllabus. The fact that each student has a different capacity is acknowledged and the teaching methodology is devised so as to take care of this. I would recommend the institute to everybody who is appearing for FRM / CFA.


I cleared CFA Level 1,Dec-14 exam in first attempt securing above 70 % in 8 subjects. Sincere thanks to Concepts n Clarity.


The Coaching and guidance given by Amit Sir is phenomenal and has been instrumental in my success in FRM part 1 exam and I have enrolled myself in Frm part 2 exam... Amit Sir was always there to help with all concepts at all times and it is great form of personalized coaching with adequate combination of self study and concept grasping.


I must start by saying a BIG THANKS to Amit sir,who helped me to clear FRM part 1. Even complex topics are explained in such a manner that the concept become very clear. Sir starts from very basic and then build concepts on strong foundation. Amit sir does not hurry up with topics like other institutes where aim is to just finish syllabus. They teach some imp concepts multiple times,till they are clear to everyone. Special thanks for giving me Individual classes after i missed 3 weeks of class due to my illness.


The guidance given by Amit Sir has been phenomenal and exceptional and he has been the guiding light in helping me clear FRM-1 and CFA-1 in the same months. The key difference lies in method of teaching complex concepts in simple terms that are relatable and application of those concepts in an result oriented exam performance... I truly owe all my success in this exam to dedication and teaching methods of Amit Sir...


I started CFA level 1 with concepts and clarity and i have completed it now.This institute deserves credit of my success.They have a deeper insight on the exams with clarity on the subjects.Thanks concept and clarity.


I must thank Amit Sir for his timely guidance and support. Individual attention is the USP of the institute. He is there even at 2 in midnight if you have any doubt. He doesn't leave you behind in case you lack in understanding and make every possible way to take you along with whole class. Very patience and practical. Try his best to complete the course within time but you also need to put your effort along with the teacher. Thanks a lot Sir


I am greatful to CnC and Amit sir who helped me crack CFA and FRM level 1. Amit sir focuses on building strong basics, which not only helped me crack exams but to make a career in finance. Individual attention and test-series are the icing on the cake.


The classes at Concepts n Clarity helped me immensely in my preparation for the FRM Level I exam and then again for Level 2 Exam. All topics were explained really well in a simplistic manner. Amit Sir made sure that you understood the topics well and he always answered your queries (even repeated ones). Individual focus and attention is given to the students which is a big plus. All topics were covered in detail and in case you missed a class, Amit Sir ensured that it was covered subsequently. Overall it was a good learning experience at Concepts n Clarity and I would like to thank Amit Sir and Surabhi for their support.


I absolutely loved the coaching methodology of Amit sir. He gave personal attention to each student and was always available for clearing the doubts. He has great command on all the subjects and often cites example from daily life example which make convoluted concepts of finance seem very simple. Moreover, we received great overall motivation and support from Concepts n Clarity towards exam preparation.


I feel honored and extremely lucky to be under the guidance of Amit sir. The course material was well explained and the personalized attention that I received at the institute motivated me to a great extent. Thank you!


I am greatful to CnC and Amit sir who helped me crack CFA and FRM level 1. Amit sir focuses on building strong basics, which not only helped me crack exams but to make a career in finance. Small batch size and individual attention are the icing on the cake.


I took up studies after 14 years and applied for FRM -1 , got through with first attempt , it was only possible cos of the institute special thanx AMIT SIR who gives personal attention , he is just a call away for any query.i highly recommend the institute


Coming from core engineering background I didn't have any basics of finance. Had it not been Amit sir I wouldn't be able to pass CFA Level 1 in my first attempt. His sheer dedication towards the students is commendable. His style of teaching and passion for the subject is exemplary. The personal attention every student enjoys is something unique and not to be found at other places. I will recommend concepts'n'clarity to everyone wanting to clear CFA or FRM.

Ravi SantoshGupta, PMP®

I took both CFA Level 1 and FRM Part 1 in the same cycle and it was just because of this institute, I could get through in single attempt. Amit sir is readily available all the time and the minute details taught by him are not only helpful for the exam but also help in developing a base for financial career. He personally takes care of each candidate and provides feedback which may be very helpful given his vast experience with CFA and FRM. I would recommend to give it a try! :)


I am really thankful to the institute specially Amit SIr for believing in me and guiding me to clear CFA Lvl II exam. Nobody could have been better guide than him. He helped in focusing on main fundamentals and was there till the end, we cleared the goal. Thanks for your support & guidance


True to the name of the institute, Amit Sir makes your concepts clear for exams like CFA,FRM. He quotes examples from real life to make you understand the difficult concepts of FRM exam.He is very punctual and has a great work ethic along with a very good sense of humour.He also provides individual attention to each student in the batch.


I would like to thank Concept n Clarity and specially Amit sir for FRM Part-1 coaching. Amit sir is the most dedicated, passionate teacher, I have come across in a long time. He builds concepts by explaining things using very easy examples and in humorous way which makes it easy for students to imbibe the concepts. Amit sir won't go to complex topics until the basis concepts are crystal clear, even if he has to take a lot of extra classes which shows his dedication towards success of his students. My best wishes to 'Concept n Clarity'.


Everyone hesitates before spending money!! However, Clearing CFA Level 1and Level 2 in first attempt is just a "WoW" moment.Coming from a core technology field, I can hardly imagine to clear first level of CFA without the help of CnC especially Amit Sir. His teaching style is unique and he makes you understand the subjects through loads of examples.Individual attention and Video recording for missed lectures are the add-ons of the institute. Thank you sir and Surabhi for your continuous support & guidance through out my preparation.


The teaching methods used by Amit sir are unique and effective. He is one of the most patient and dedicated teachers I have ever had. Regardless of how many times you ask him the same question, he will explain it to you patiently. There will be several examples used from real life to help the student understand a concept, as a result of which the fundamentals become clear. The batches are generally small and this results in the students getting a lot of individual attention. Thank you for your guidance sir!


Cleared CFA level 2 in first attempt. It wouldn't have been possible without the support of Amit sir. He's is always willing to go the extra mile to make you understand the logic behind every concept. Thanks again and keep up the good work of helping students realize their dreams.


Concepts n Clarity is truly amazing. Amit Sir takes real life examples to explain complex topics and is very patient. He focuses on building a strong conceptual base and knows his matter very well. His dedication towards teaching is definitely praise worthy. I could clear FRM Level 1and 2 in first attempt because of his honest efforts. I would recommend CnC to anyone who is seriously preparing for CFA/FRM


The guidance given by Amit sir is acute and need of the hour if you have busy schedule. His basics are crystal, and with his unique teaching methodology, every concept sets straight.


I was enrolled with Cnc for CFA level 2 preparation. Amit sir has been teaching the CFA and FRM curricullum for some time now and he never ceases to amaze us with his in depth knowledge and clarity on the subjects. I don't think anyone can teach complex concepts of Quant,FI and FRA with so much ease . His anecdotes and interesting examples make complex concepts easier to imbibe and retain. Individual attention to each student is indeed icing on the cake.


No words can describe Amit sir, the way he tell you the financial concepts will never let you forget 'Concepts n Clarity'. Flexibility, personal touch makes this place a better to associate with.


Amit sir classes are truly amazing. He clears all basic concepts with relevant examples that helps in remembering all complex topics easily. I would definitely recommend CnC to anyone who is preparing for CFA/FRM.


I would really thank Amit Sir for his guidance for my FRM Level 2. I relocated to Mumbai for my new job and I had only 2 months to re-appear for my FRM Level 2 exam. Amit Sir helped planned my studies and was there to clarity my concepts even in the last minute. I used the knowledge I had built while attending his classes in Delhi to study myself in Mumbai. He understood my strength and weaknesses and guided me accordingly. Most importantly, he always motivated and encouraged me. I would recommend Amit Sir to anyone who is interested in understanding the concepts in a simple way that you can remember. I definitely credit his teachings that helped me crack FRM Level 2.


Extremely helpful services! Amit sir explains concepts very clearly and is available to solve doubts at any time. I am highly pleased with the services of the institution and owe all my achievements to Amit sir! His guidance and support helped me clear my exams and also helped me have a better idea about my future endeavors! Thanks a lot Amit sir for all your help. You truly are an amazing teacher and also highly inspirational! Highly highly recommend Concepts n Clarity for CFA and FRM exams!


The Institute provides premium services in CFA, FRM and other exams. Classroom Teaching focusses deeply on concepts and providing clarity in an organized manner with proven successful results. Amit sir explains all the concepts very clearly and is always available for solving queries. He is a great source of inspiration and I would highly recommend his coaching services to potential candidates.Thank you Amit sir for all your help! You are truly amazing!


Amit Sir helped me in clearing my doubts and instilled in me the belief of clearing FRM exams.The notes and question bank provided by the institute is par excellence.The methodology is also unmatched. Thank you Sir!


I would like to thank Amit Sir for his continuous and unconditional support during FRM Level 1 & 2. He is so thorough with the subject and has a very good understanding of exam pattern. With his guidance I could clear FRM without having mathematics background. Thanks again. I wish Comceptsnclarity all the best.




CFA Level I June/Dec 16

Date : 13 th Nov. 2021

Time: 12 noon

CFA Level II June 16

Date : 11 th Dec 2021

Time: 9:30 am

FRM Part I May/Nov 16

Date : 13 th Nov. 2021

Time: 12 noon

FRM Part II May/Nov 16

Date : 12 th Decembe 2021

Time: 8-10 am

Online CFA FRM Level 1 June/Dec 16

Date : 13 th Nov. 2021

Time: 12 noon


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